Welcome to FIRSTLINK

Firstlink Pvt. Ltd. is a Solution Provider for IP Arena Products and Systems, established in 2014. Its clients ranges from industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications, defense, government institutions to ISPs and Telcos.

Over the past year, FirstLink Pvt. Ltd. has continually delivered innovative and cost effective IP Arena Products, Security Solution and Systems Solution to businesses throughout in Nepal.

FirstLink Pvt. Ltd. is constantly evolving and adapting the portfolio of products in line with technological developments, to ensure that our customers are able to take advantage of the very latest in businesses in Nepal.

The company excels at importing, distributing and marketing different range of ISPs and Video Surveillance products. These accreditations ensure that we continually improve and undertake ongoing training to meet the needs of our customers, staff and the company’s future growth, we believe in sustaining a healthy customer-supplier relationship.



FirstLink Pvt. Ltd. provides in delivering quality products and system as well as technical assistance solutions on a more complex scale as per the client’s requirement. The products and services provided are aimed specially towards smaller to larger organizations with more complex needs as per the client’s requirement.



• To be the leading national distributor of IP arena products
• To provide top-level standard in product, service and reliability



• To provide comprehensive range of products in the networking and converged IP Arena.
• To perceive customer needs at utmost level and provide competitive price along with on time delivery


FirstLink Training Program

We have been involved in many projects to this date. The knowledge and expertise gathered during these projects is shared through tailor-made technical training courses aimed