Bio metrics is not limited to the access control to the door. Technology is not that narrow to limit any inventions to simple and single purpose. World is going in next phase with technological enhancements. The biometrics is going to be used in car models in near future. Now your cars will be getting smart too. The security regarding cars will be more reliable.

Alan Foreman, CEO of B-secur is busy in attending meeting with american automobile company regarding the installation of biomertic technology in the car. This will identify the health and well being of the driver and authentication of driver.

Foreman further told it is possible that the identification, verification and authentication of the driver on the basis of electric signal generated by the pulse of the heart.

“The premise is that the versatility of EKG biometrics potentially means it has many more applications then external biometrics,” Foreman says. “We’re not just talking about authentication.”

“Eight or nine years ago the computing power required to take that single and generate a quality noise-proof signal, filter all of that out, and then reflect that in your template that you’ve previously enrolled, was pretty difficult,”

B-secur is working on the project and told that this will detect the stress level, fatigue and other health factors too including identification, verification and authentication. These all function will be performed by the algorithm embedded on the chip installed in the car or auto system.

The algorithm has been experimented in some cars on the floor basis but success was limited. Though the team is working in the progress of algorithm.

“The car manufacturers recognize the benefit of having EKG technology, but they’re struggling to find the right format,” Foreman adds. “It’s expensive to do it through the feet; it’s very hard to get a quality signal.

Some of the companies are positive in the project and will be embedded in some European cars in 2020. But the business is not much in America. however the big brands will be using these algorithms.

The cost factor may be an issue with this. Cost will be relatively high while using these sort of algorithm. But the continuous researches and inventions may drop the cost. Still due to the common interest of people to the technological development, the future of biometrics in the automobile sector is long lasting. The biometric technology may go very high not only in the sector of auto mobile but in other sectors too. The innovations will change the lifestyle of the future.