Smoke and carbon monoxide video surveillance

In video surveillance, a new sensor is integrated with camera called smoke detection sensor. IT detects smoke or carbon monoxide and once it detect it, the camera will ring its alarm.

Biometrics in car

Bio metrics is not limited to the access control to the door. Technology is not that narrow to limit any inventions to simple and single purpose. The biometrics is going to be used in car models in near future.

EnGenius Cloud Router

Wireless A EnGenius Cloud Router lets you manage your router from anywhere remotely which is not possible with normal routers where you need to be connected to the local network perform these activities. The EnGenius Cloud Router wireless transmission speeds up to 300 Mbps.

MikroTik RouterBoard

MikroTik RouterBoard A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. A router connects networks.The function of directing the traffic on the internet is done by routers.


Matrix SATATYA NVR is an IP video surveillance solution for centralized surveillance management equipped with latest functionalities like Centralized Management Software, Web Client and Mobile Application.

Time Attendance and Access Control

Matrix COSEC time attendance and access control are the brain of the system which allows only authorized users in the premises and registers their entry and exit time.

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