Today, security is a global concern. We know that illegal activities have increased around the world at an alarming rate. Therefore, many large and small organizations have become very much conscious about the security and safety of their possessions, property, and employees. Video surveillance systems are being used by enterprises more and more to deter illegal activities. In addition to deterring illegal activity, the video surveillance systems in the workplace also ensures corporations that employees are carrying out required tasks efficiently and accurately. The use of Matrix SATATYA NVR security surveillance camera systems ultimately helps to enhance efficiency and productivity, as well as security needs.

Video surveillance is an integral and critical part of an organization’s security strategy. Organizations expect 24x7x365 up time for live monitoring and tracking events. Video quality, reliability and dependability are the hallmarks for selecting a professional video surveillance solution.

Matrix SATATYA NVR is an IP video surveillance solution for centralized surveillance management which removes the burden of excessive cabling and maintenance. The system is well equipped with latest functionalities like feature rich Centralized Management Software, Web Client and Mobile Application that today’s security sensitive organizations require. Higher throughput for viewing without hindrance, camera wise recording retention, centrally and locally manage and monitor multiple NVRs provides SATATYA NVR a cutting edge over the others in the market. This thoroughly engineered NVR is highly efficient in strengthening security and increasing productivity and discipline in an organization.

Key Features


  • Recording Flexibility

You have the option to do manual, scheduled and event-based recording. Pre-event and post-event (motion, tamper, connection failure and others) ensure the recording of an entire event. These efficient options help in optimizing storage.

  • Privacy Masking

For privacy reasons, certain area of the recording needs to be blurred or blocked. Depending on the camera angle, you can mask a particular area and before recording or streaming, the NVR replaces the area with a black color patch.

  • Motion Detection

NVR uses motion detection to detect motion in a defined area of the camera and can   automatically start recording. When motion is detected, it can generate an alert and initiate pre and post event recording.


  • Monitoring Modes

Matrix SATATYA NVRs provide different monitoring modes like single, sequential    and variety of layout templates such as 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 5+1, 7+1, 4+3, 8+2, 12+1, 1©+12, 1+9, 4+9, 2+12 for effective monitoring of live and recorded video streams.

  • Locally Manage 5 NVRs

A single NVR can manage multiple NVRs. If more than 24 cameras exist in a network, they can still be managed from one NVR locally. It can control up to four other NVRs and act as a master NVR.

  • Digital Zoom

NVR has a digital zoom feature which allows user to have a closer look of a defined area on the screen although it has a non-zoom and fixed camera.

  • Video Snapshot

With this NVR, you can take a snapshot from the video stream and store it as an image file for record, analysis and sharing with others. It allows capturing a snapshot  of the video during live monitoring or playback and storing it for future reference. Mobile Application also allows taking snapshots.

Search and Playback

  • Timeline Based Search

You can search the videos on the basis of channel number, recording type and timeline of event. The color code feature helps user to search for required video.

  • Synchronous Playback

Synchronous playback feature of Matrix NVR helps to track an entire event by doing a playback of up to 4 cameras simultaneously across the organization.

  • Asynchronous Playback

When we know the location of occurrence of event but not the time, asynchronous playback is essential. With asynchronous playback you can search a particular camera at different time simultaneously. Also, playback can also be done using, date and time, type of recording, channel number to assist in quick investigation.


  • Matrix DNS

If the static IPs are not working, the free DNS provided by the Matrix can be very helpful. It saves the cost of static IP for NVR and provides easy and secured viewing of multiple streams.

  • 3G Connectivity

Sometimes wired internet is not available at remote sites. In this case you have an option to connect 3G/LTE dongles on the NVR using the USB port. It can be remotely configured, managed and used by admins and users.

  • IP and MAC Based User Access

Networking functions like static routing, IP and MAC address filtering (allow/deny), media file access cater to a high level of security protecting video surveillance from unauthorized users and hackers.

Storage and Backup

  • Higher Storage Capacity

Number of cameras, resolution, type of recording and retention duration makes a difference on the required storage capacity. Depending on different models, the Matrix NVR provides 4 or 8 Tb of storage. NAS/FTP servers can also be used if higher storage is required.

  • RAID Support

For being fail safe, the videos must be duplicated to prevent losing of videos in case of disk failure. RAID setup spans video over multiple hard disks with redundancy so that it can be recovered in case either of the disks fails.

  • Backup Management

Matrix SATATYA NVR has a function which lets you to store the videos in other servers like NAS, FTP and cloud servers. In case a video is corrupted or stolen, it can be retrieved from other servers.

  • Advanced Storage Management

Matrix SATATYA NVR continuously monitors the amount of free space available on the hard disk and notifies the admin user when it reaches a predefined threshold. It asks to overwrite the oldest recorded video or stop recording once the disk is full.

Events and Alert Management

  • Event Detection

They are very intelligent devices and are capable of detecting alarm, connection failure, manual trigger, disk full, disk error, power on, motion, tampering, etc.

  • SMS Notification

It can send SMS to the concerned personnel to prevent a damage from an event like storage alert, motion detection, disk full, power on, etc.

  • E-mail Notification

Even if the hard disk or the Matrix SATATYA NVR is stolen, it has the capability to send e-mails to multiple recipients along with a screenshot which can act as a pictorial evidence.

  • Alarm Detection and Management

Multiple alarms can be connected to the Matrix SATATYA NVR and can be programmed to do various   functions by linking it with other sensors. For example, on detection of any event like fire, a notification in the form of a buzzer could be activated to alert the employees about the fire.


  • Integration with Access Control

The Matrix NVR can be integrated with access control using Ethernet cable which facilitates the door controller with cameras to take snapshots and start recording in case any event occurs at the door.

  • Integration with Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm sensors or panel outputs can work as inputs to the NVR. With such integration, any trigger from the fire alarm system prompts SATATYA to start recording the happenings in area of interest. It assists in rescue operations.