Matrix Time Attendance and Access Control System

Matrix COSEC time attendance and access control are the brain of the system which allows only authorized users in the premises and registers their entry and exit time. These time attendance and access controllers are available in various models with advanced connectivity and interface options to tackle present and future access control and time-attendance needs of any type of the businesses.

Time Attendance

A considerable amount of time is consumed in manual attendance marking and costs the organizations. Furthermore, the productivity of an organization is directly affected by additional hidden expenses like human errors, buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping. Capturing time-attendance data and automating them is very challenging due to variation in attendance policies from one company to another. Therefore, a fully automated, advanced and smart time management system is essential for enhancing productivity of any organization.

Matrix Time-Attendance system automates attendance marking system which keeps records of the attendance data of a user and generates various reports for further action. It helps HR to centrally manage attendance policies from multiple locations and also helps to save administrative cost. The time attendance system software makes it easy for HR to do employee review, appraisals or monthly salary calculation. It increases the efficiency of managers by automatic calculation of overtime and leave balance. It is very suitable for schools, hospitals, government institutes, banks, remote sites, hotels, small/large enterprises and many more due to its standalone or network based operation.

Why COSEC Time-Attendance?

  • Comprehensive Time-attendance Solution
  • Accurate Time Record
  • Leave Management
  • Configurable Attendance Parameters
  • Integration with Payroll and HRM
  • Proactive SMS and Email Alerts
  • Completely Scalable, Flexible and Modular
  • On Demand Report Generation

Key Benefits

  • We Can Have Web based Monitoring and Control
  • We Can Create Flexible Attendance Policies
  • Late-In, Early-Out, Overtime and COFF Data Are Also Recorded
  • Overnight Shifts and Schedules Can Be Set for Employees
  • HR Can Manually Correct Attendance
  • There Are 160+ Customized Reports and Chart
  • There Are Options to Apply Various Filters on Reports
  • This System Can Generate Reports in PDF, Word, Excel, Text, CSV and XML
  • Direct Integration with Tally, Relyon and other Payroll Software
  • Integration with Payroll, HRMS, ERP and SAP
  • Integration Using API, Database to Database, online and Export
  • MS-SQL and Oracle Database
  • The System has a feature to Send Customized SMS and Email Notifications

Access Control

As a result of many anti-social activities and terrorist attacks, security has become a major concern in many sectors across the globe. Enhanced security was mainly limited to e-Commerce, the Healthcare Industry and Banks before the number of terrorist attacks increased. The increasing terrorism and theft has triggered insecurity among wide range of industrial sectors and now security is a prime concern for them. Access control system allows only authorized people to have access to a secured area and restricts entry to unauthorized personnel ensuring full physical security.

The biometric access control systems by Matrix provide very high degree of access control to different areas ensuring high security for their infrastructure and employees. The advanced features along with biometric identity like fingerprints and palm veins, PIN and RFID card based access of this access control systems offer foolproof security solutions for organizations in all industries. Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Government Institutes, Hotels, Remote Sites, Large/Small Enterprises, and others can hugely benefit from this system because our fingerprint access control system can be network based or standalone.

Why COSEC Access Control?

  • Deliver Advanced Security Features
  • Centralized Monitoring and Control
  • Superior Control over Employees and Visitor Access
  • User-wise Access Rights
  • User, Zone and Time based Access Control
  • Input and Output Port Linking
  • Integration with Fire Alarm Panel, Surveillance System etc.

Key Benefits

  • Secure Sensitive Areas with 2-person Rule
  • It Can Block a User from Entering a Controlled Zone
  • We Can Configure and Manage the System Locally or Remotely
  • This System Lets You Define Access Rules on the basis of Time, Zone and User
  • We Can Specify VIP Users Which Allows Them to Enter any Controlled Zone
  • Ensures security personnel does the rounds even during non-working hours.
  • Generate an Alarm on Detection of Tampering or Trespassing
  • It can manage 10,000 Doors and 1 million users which is very high
  • Manage traffic, control dust and heat when multiple doors are arranged in a sequence.
  • Opens a door only after the designated person makes the first entry.
  • Permits only authorized person to enter pre-defined areas.
  • It also prevents card holders from giving their cards to other people to gain entry in controlled areas.

Key Features

Superior Design

  • Sleek Design
  • Light Weight
  • IP65 Compliant
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support
  • Audio Visual Indications

Fast and Accurate Fingerprint Identification

  • Identification in less than 1 Second
  • 1:1 and 1:N Verification

Better Storage Capacity

  • 50,000 Events Storage
  • 9,600 Fingerprint Templates

Easy Operation and Installation 

  • User Friendly, Fast and Easy Operations
  • Standalone and Network Operation
  • Easy Mounting on a Back Plate
  • Leverage Existing Network Infrastructure
  • Minimum Wiring

 Versatile Reader

  • Fingerprint and RFID Card Reader
  • Optical Fingerprint Reader
  • Proximity and Smart Card Reader
  • EM Prox, Mifare and HID iCLASS Support

Target Customer

  • Corporate offices
  • Governmental organization
  • Financial institutes
  • Hotels
  • Educational institutes
  • Shopping malls